REPTEC is proud to offer the following companies’ products. We not only sell this equipment but can install, start up, train and offer periodic maintenance.

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters, 4″ thru 48″, Turbine Gas Meters, Rotary Gas Meters, EN-CAL 3000 Gas Chromatograph


Ultrasonic Meter Calibration, Turbine Meter Calibration, Orifice Meter Calibration, Meter repair, and Measurement Services.

Gas Filters, Filter/Separators, Stainers, Coalescing Filters


Catalytic heaters, Catalytic Instrument Gas Heaters, Standard and Custom Built Heater Enclosures


Flow Conditioners, Flow Nozzles


ABB offers a complete solution comprised of ABB primary meters, transmitters and flow computers. Our automation intelligence technology enables you to make more profit in a sustainable way.


Pickett Systems serves the industry’s leading energy companies by providing customers with premium measurement and fabrication services. Pickett Systems offers flow measurement and supply equipment for oil and gas projects, with a comprehensive, turnkey facility featuring in-house fabrication.


Fluidic Techniques provides the design and manufacture of primary flow elements. Their wide range of products includes meter runs, flow nozzles, ASME/ISO Venturi Tubes, Fluidic Techniques’ proprietary HHR Flow Tubes, HHR FlowPaks and accessories.

headerBg  Pipeline Equipment


Sagebrush provides engineering, design, and fabrication of custom systems and valves for measurement, control, and operation of oil and gas pipelines. Within the industry they demonstrating best-in-class applications, knowledge of station design, systems layout, regulatory compliance, and an understanding of specifications and requirements applicable to the regulated gas pipeline network